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Computational software

Access to software for data analysis, organisation and interpretation.

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There is a large amount of software available for analysing data from experiments, for organising the data, and for interpreting the data in terms of structural models. Some of this software is specific to a particular technique, while some software spans several techniques. For example, map manipulation software can in principle be applied to any volume data such as electron density maps from crystallography or maps from single particle reconstruction by cryoEM.

One of the principal problems facing researchers is finding the right software for the task in hand. The platform will ease this process by providing information on all relevant software, as well as making some of this software available directly. In addition to providing the necessary functionality, users will also have to consider factors such as mode of access (e.g. web service, downloadable software), hardware requirements (e.g. Linux) and licensing conditions (e.g. licence required, registration required).

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Martyn Winn
Martyn Winn
The Daresbury Laboratory
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