Call now open to get funded access to structural biology research infrastructure. Instruct continues operations from the Hub in the UK having received the expressed support in the UK government white paper specifically mentioning Instruct-ERIC as one of the areas the UK seeks to participate in the future.

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European Commission support for Instruct-ERIC continues with 3 new Horizon 2020 projects awarded

We are delighted to announce that Instruct-ERIC has been successful in the three applications submitted to the last research infrastructure Horizon 2020 call. Instruct-ERiC will participate of the EOSC-Life project which brings together the 13 Biological and Medical ESFRI research infrastructures (RIs) to create an open collaborative space for digital biology and of the ERIC Forum project which aims at strengthening the coordination and networking of the European Re...

Spain submitted application to join Instruct-ERIC

We are delighted to announce that Spain has submitted their application to join Instruct-ERIC as a full member. Following the CONTINUED strong support from the Spanish government TO INSTRUCT, the Spanish Ministery for Research formally applied in July for Instruct-ERIC membership. Spain has been part of Instruct from its very early days, lately being a signatory of Instruct-ICA (for International Consortium Agreement), that was the legal support for the "pre-ERIC" structure of Instruct. We are ...

Open Call: Apply to exploit Magnetic Resonance spectroscopies for life science!

Magnetic resonance spectroscopies provide insight in many areas of research including information on biomolecular structure, interactions and functional pathways. These fast-developing technology fields may offer new approaches to further your work. Take a look at the European initiatives providing biological NMR and EPR access which best fits your research and exploit these techniques with the support of the best experts in these fields. Apply to access the best magnetic resonance platforms in...

Call open: Apply for funds to use Instruct-ERIC structural biology infrastructure

Information on molecular structure provides insight in many areas of research including functional pathways. Proposals for funded access to the full set of Instruct facilities are now invited. Are you new to structural biology research? This fast-developing technology field may offer new approaches to further your work. Do you have local or national access to ALL the structural biology instrumentation you need for your research? You might qualify for access to some of the best...

Open Call for Vaccine Development Services

TRANSVAC is an EC funded project offering transnational access to high-quality technical services to support the development of prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines for both human and animal use. Instruct participates to this project offering high quality platforms for Structural Biology applied to vaccines research. The next cut-off date for proposal submission for the open TRANSVAC Call is on 15 August 2018. Academic and non-academic research groups, SMEs and industries can submit ...

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