Call now open to get funded access to structural biology research infrastructure. Instruct continues operations from the Hub in the UK having received the expressed support in the UK government white paper specifically mentioning Instruct-ERIC as one of the areas the UK seeks to participate in the future.

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Congratulations to Instruct Deputy Director Prof Lucia Banci on receiving the 'Scienza Madre' award

Prof Lucia Banci is one of the award-winners of the first edition  of the "Mother Science" Award (Premio "Scienza Madre") promoted by the National Institute for Infectious Diseases Lazzaro Spallanzani. Professor of Chemistry at the University of Florence, Lucia is the only Italian to be awarded the recognition, also attributed to Emmanuelle Charpentier, Director of the Department of Infectious Biology of Max Planck in Berlin, and Laurence Zitvogel, Professor of Immunobiology at the Uni...

Instruct Research Infrastructure adopts the EGI Check-in service

The EGI Foundation is proud to announce that Instruct, the ESFRI infrastructure for structural biology, successfully adopted the EGI Check-in authentication and authorisation service.Check-in is an identity and access management solution that makes it easy to secure access to services and resources. Through Check-in, users are able to authenticate with the credentials provided by the IdP of their home organisation (e.g. via eduGAIN), as well as using social identity providers, or other s...

TRANSVAC: European Training in Vaccinology

Second call for training modules Training scientists in vaccine research and development (R&D) is crucial in order to sustain Europe’s excellence in this field. The TRANSVAC2 Consortium has set up training modules at leading European centers that can be combined to create customised international courses on vaccine R&D. Two rounds of customised training courses are planned. Participants can select topics as needed in their field of vaccine development and the timelines of the va...

The Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities and the Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) boosts structural biology research in Europe with the installation of state of the art Cryo Electron Microscope at the National Centre for Biotechnology (CNB, Instruct-ERIC-Spain).

The 8M€ investment will increase the already important role of Spain within Instruct-ERIC (European Research Infrastructure for Structural Biology), as highlighted by Novel Prize winner Prof. Joachim Frank and Instruct-ERIC, Prof. David Stuart at a recent meetingin Madrid.  In this context a conference was organised at CNB the 25thof September with the participation of Nobel Prize winner Richard Henderson introducing this powerful technique which allows to directly visualise very com...

Position paper on the operation of NMR services and Research Infrastructures in general as a guide for Users

In the frame of Instruct-ULTRA our colleagues in Instruct-IT and Instruct-NL have written a position paper on the operation of NMR services. Instruct-ULTRA was launched in 2017 to deepen and widen access to innovative high-end structural biology techniques within Europe and beyond and is coordinated by Instruct-ERIC. Please download the report and let us know your views....

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