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In Road: A New Horizon 2020 project contributing to the harmonisation of European Research Infrastructures

Prof Lucia Banci (Instruct Deputy Director) is a member of the Reflection Group of the H2020 Project InRoad. The group consists in an expert and skilled group consisted of representatives of the main bodies and stakeholder organisations involved in funding, priority setting or evaluation of RI as well as representatives of relevant RI from all around Europe. On 15-16th January 2018, Lucia Banci participated to the InRoad workshops in Brussels, the second of a series to engage with ...

Fifth FRISBI call for funded access open

 Access to FRISBI infrastructure is possible for all scientists working in French laboratories. Scientists working at FRISBI centres cannot request funding for access to their local centre.Up to 1000 € of support is available as a contribution towards the costs of each project (consumables, reagents and travel for one person). The number of awards is limited. The user is expected to cover any additional expenses beyond the 1000 € award.Scientists may visit single or multip...

Instruct and Corbel announced new webinar: ARIA - Powering your access management from the cloud

ARIA provides a wide range of web-based tools for a huge number of organisations worldwide. ARIA cloud services also are very relevant to the management of research infrastructures. ARIA can be customised to match the look and feel of any existing webpages and can merge seamlessly to any current applications through styling or through the well-defined and documented API. Access management is a critical function for research facilities who attract scientists using machines/services/tools and...

CORBEL catalogue launched

Today CORBEL, a H2020 cluster project uniting 13 European biological and medical research infrastructures, launched its Catalogue of Services ( CORBEL aims to create a platform for harmonised user access to biological and medical technologies, samples and expertise in order to support cutting-edge biomedical research.  The CORBEL Catalogue of Services offers an overview on what kind of services (access to samples and technologies, da...

Visualization of modifications in the human ribosome structure, a new feat for cryo electron microscopy

Published paper using the Instruct-ERIC for cryo-EMRibosomes play a vital role in living beings: they are protein production stations in all cell types. These large complexes are made up of two kinds of molecules: proteins and ribosomal RNA (rRNA). Through structural studies, Bruno Klaholz's team at the IGBMC, revealed more than 130 chemical modifications of the rRNAs. Published in the journal Nature on November 15 2017, these results not only provide a better understanding of the structural and...

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