BioStruct-X Facilities

BioStruct-X is a consortium of 19 leading European synchrotron facilities and associated infrastructures for protein production located in 11 EU member and associated states. BioStruct-X provides and manages trans-national access to these synchrotron facilities. The large section of the structural biology community served by BioStruct-X has a common aim; to visualise molecular structures at the highest resolution.

BioStruct-X is coordinated with, and supported by, Instruct and is funded by the EU. Currently, only those BioStruct-X platforms that are also offered by Instruct are listed on this website, with the intention to extend this as and when more Biostruct-X platforms become active. From 2013, protein expression platforms currently available through Instruct will also become available through Biostruct-X.

BioStruct-X is coordinated and managed by Dmitri Svergun at EMBL-Hamburg. More detailed information about BioStruct-X, its management structures and work programmes is available on the BioStruct-X website.