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Portuguese Centre for Integrated Structural Biology (PCISBIO) is an Affiliate Centre of Instruct.



PCISBIO- The Portuguese Centre for Integrated Structural Biology

The Portuguese Centre for Integrated Structural Biology (PCISBIO) integrates research groups from ITQB-UNL, FCT-UNL, FC-UL, UC, UA, UP, UM and IBET. A protocol has been established between these Institutions delegating the representation of Portugal to ITQB and defining the contribution of each Institution in the financial membership of Instruct.

Since 2017 to the end of 2020, Instruct has secured 3.950 million euros within Horizon 2020 for expanding the implementation of its services to the community. The aim of the new project, Instruct-ULTRA, is to advance the scope and efficiency of Instruct service delivery. ITQB is one of the 14 members of Instruct-ULTRA.

PCISBIO integrates two established National Instrument Networks:

NMR network

Mass Spectrometry network


Maria Arménia Carrondo, ITQB-UNL


The Portuguese Centre for Integrated Structural Biology (PCISBIO) integrates research groups from the supporting Institutions internationally recognised in the area of Structural Biology. These groups provide expertise in a wide range of biophysical methods, including mass spectrometry and proteomics, metabolomics, spectroscopy, NMR and X-ray crystallography, as well as cell- and bioimaging systems. Additionally, in the BioPilot Plant of IBET, expertise is available in large-scale biomass production.

The NMR groups have been dedicated to the study of proteins in a variety of environments, ranging from inside living cells to solid deposits associated with neuro-degenerative diseases. Small molecule characterisation in relation to several diseases has also been addressed through metabolomic strategies. The X-ray crystallography groups are targeting increasingly more complex biological problems, such as the study of multi-component protein complexes, membrane proteins and proteins under anaerobic conditions.

An instrumental and know-how platform for protein identification and molecular characterization has been established by the scientists working on mass spectroscopy (MS). They use advanced MS techniques to interpret the molecular effects of post-translational modifications, to map protein-protein interaction interfaces as well as probing protein interaction networks in cells and tissues.

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