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Personalized support for Image Processing project

The Instruct Image Processing Center provide personalized support to Instruct projects requiring specialized processing of either electron or X-ray microscopy images. Currently our main offer is focused in the field of single particles analysis using Xmipp and Scipion softwares. Xmipp is a comprehensive suite of image processing algorithms with a strong emphasis in the analysis of single particles, although it is extending towards electron and X-ray tomography. Scipion, in turn, provides a multi-package workflow-oriented platform bridging several software suites, like EMAN, Spider, Relion, Bsoft, Frealign and ctffind. More information can be found at: and

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Centre for Image Processing

The Instruct Image Processing Center (I2PC) at the CNB-CSIC is, within Instruct, the European Reference Center for infrastructure provision in Image Processing in Transmission Electron Microscopy and X-ray Microscopy. It provides support to structural biologists, helping them to maximize the extraction of biological knowledge from their microscopy images. To this end it provides support and training in the use of image processing software, as well as developing software and all related activities oriented towards the standardization, simplification and reliability of the image processing tasks.

You can find a good description of our software platform for service support at:

The are two modalities of support, the first one is remote-access only, while the second one allows for a personalized help in the context of challenging projects.

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How to reach us:

By car: The University Campus is at the Km. 15 of the Colmenar road (M-607, Ctra. Colmenar Viejo, Km. 15).

I2PC at the University Campus

By public transportation: You can reach the University Campus from Madrid either by bus (line 714 from Plaza de Castilla) or by train (line C4 and C10 from Atocha, Sol, Nuevos Ministerios or Chamartin railway stations).

You can get more information at the University Webpage. In the map of the campus, the National Center of Biotechnology is located at the building number 18.


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