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Macromolecular crystallographer with about 40 years experience. 

Undergraduate degree in Chemistry from Oxford in 1971. Then moved into protein crystallography starting with a doctorate with Louise Johnson on rabbit muscle phosphorylase, then a longer postdoc. In 1981 moved to the MPI for Molecular Genetics in Berlin. Then to the York Physics Department as a lecturer in 1983.

In 1985 took up a position as head of crystallography at the EMBL outstation, and became Head of Outstation shortly afterwards. Saw the use of synchrotron radiation mature from rather niche market, to a widely used tool for almost all macromolecular projects, with the advent of dedicated sources, fast and effective 2D detectors - initially image plates - and cryogenic freezing of samples. EMBL Hamburg was a major player during this period. 

Returned to the York Structural Biology Department as a Professor of Chemistry in York in 1995 and have continued to carry out structure-function studies of proteins, primarily with crystallography.

Scientific advisor to CCP4 for the last ten years. Served on ESRF and Diamond SAC (Chair), and on several life science beam proposal committees. 


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