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Master in Theoretical Physics by University of Granada, PhD in Molecular Biology by the Autonoma University of Madrid and Senior Member of the IEEE. He directs the Biocomputing Unit of the Spanish National Center for Biotechnology CNB-CSIC, as well as one of the Nodes of the Spanish National Institute for Bioinformatics. He has published more than 150 papers in leading Journals, mostly in the areas of Structural Biology and Engineering using three-dimensional electron microscopy. Besides his scientific duties, he was President of the Spanish Microscopy Society, Deputy Director General for Research Planning and Monitoring of the Spanish Science and Technology Ministry and Deputy Director for Science of the CNB-CSIC. He was also the Principal Founder and CSO of Integromics (, a fully internationalized spin-off company of the CSIC in the area of Bioinformatics. He has received Awards from the Spanish Academy of Doctors, the French Science Academy and the Japanese Okazato Research Foundation for his research accomplishment, as well as from the Spanish Ministry of Industry for his work in Integromics.

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    Image processing, Bioinfo