Instruct-ULTRA Work Package 4 Call 1

Call 1 asks for pilot projects to exploit technologies that are either being developed or have been implemented by beneficiary partners, but are not currently available as an access service. All beneficiary institutions participating in Instruct-ULTRA including those not currently operating as Instruct Centres can propose new infrastructure services. Call 1 projects will be selected that will introduce new and innovative technology and hence expand the services offered by Instruct. The strategic value of proposals that will promote the establishment of new Instruct Centres in the beneficiary partners will be taken into consideration. For successful projects the beneficiary partners will be expected to (1) to test the new service(s) as both users and providers (2) evaluate and modify the infrastructure service as necessary (3) develop an appropriate business model for delivering the service (4) report on the outcome of the project.

Applications to Call 1 will be sent to an external review panel comprising three to five members of The Instruct-ULTRA SAB who will be asked to comment on proposals and provide a prioritisation. Two members Instruct-ULTRA with no voting rights will help the panel decide if proposals address the Instruct goals, and will complement the panel. Final selection will be made by the Instruct-ULTRA Executive Board.

Call Submission Guidelines

Case for support (500 words max.):

Please address the following points:

1. Briefly describe the method/technique that will be developed as a new service technology for Instruct-ERIC.

2. Briefly describe how the method/technique will complement the existing portfolio of services.

3. Outline a plan for testing the method/technique in service mode with reference to specific use cases.


Summarise with a justification the resources required (staff and consumables) to carry out the project.


List any other Instruct-ULTRA partners or external collaborators who will make an in kind contribution to the project.

Call Closes:
29-Sep-2017 12:59 CEST

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