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Biobanks are centers storing, through uniform and standardized procedures and efficient organization, biological samples and associated information, making them accessible to the scientific community for research activities. Collections of human biospecimens in biobanks are based on DNA, tissue, cells, blood and other body fluids and pertinent medical, environmental, life-style and follow-up data are linked to each sample. Biomolecular resources storing collections of culturable organisms, replicable parts of these (e.g. genomes, plasmids, viruses, cDNAs), and databases containing molecular, physiological and structural information relevant to these collections are closely related infrastructures.

The added value of biobanks and biomolecular resources relies on the implementation and use of validated and harmonized standards for sample treatment, conservation and management, harmonized databases and biocomputing infrastructures, and ethical, legal and societal guidance.

Biobanks and biological resource centers are an essential part of the infrastructures underpinning life sciences and biotechnology. INSTRUCT will exploit biobanks and biomolecular resources  either as a means for the high-quality storage of materials produced in the course of its research activities or as a source to retrieve the biological samples to be studied and their associated information.

User Guide


Generally a user interested in retrieving samples should follow the following steps:

  • Use the biobank‚Äôs query interface to search for biospecimens stored at the biobank of interest.

Once biospecimens suitable for the desired study are identified, samples should be requested, presenting an adequate research program that justifies the use of the samples. The project will be evaluated by the scientific and ethical committees of the biobank.

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