Sample Production

Sample preparation is an essential prelude for structural and molecular biology studies, as well as for biotechnology and drug discovery application, which can be particularly challenging in the case of eukaryotic proteins and complexes.  Instruct offer state-of-the-art infrastructures for the expression and production of biomolecules and their complexes in prokaryotic and eukaryotic systems .

Bacterial expression

Production of recombinant proteins and protein complexes in bacterial hosts

Baculovirus expression

Recombinant expression of proteins and their complexes using the baculovirus/insect cell expression system (BEVS)

Biobank sample

Biological samples and associated information

Cell-free Expression

Cell free expression landing text


A fully automated crystallisation pipeline to achive high-throughput with short crystallisation plate processing times, high reproducibility, and increased efficiency of the screening process.

Library Methods

Library methods for soluble expression of challenging proteins

Mammalian expression

Protein expression and production in mammalian cells

Purification: chromatographic system

Exploit differences in protein properties to isolate a single type of protein from a complex mixture

Purification: Lysis system

Extraction of endogenous or recombinant proteins and protein complexes from cells or tissues and their recovery in solution for further analysis

Yeast expression

Yeast is an organism which is well-suited for the expression of recombinant proteins or the production of endogenous complexes