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Inaugural meeting of the UK Structural Biology Forum

Date: 25-Jun-2013

Contact: Keith Wilson

A list of colleagues who have registered their interest in the meeting is at the foot of this page - scroll down.

Aim of the Meeting

To formally establish the Instruct UK SB Forum to represent all our interests, agree a governance structure and terms of reference, and arrange nominations/elections for the key roles in the Forum.

Define the relationship of the Forum with the Instruct hub given its independent status and role.

Registration is now closed

  • The programme of the meeting can be downloaded from the Event Files box (see right on this page) and the background to it is given below.
  • For the Inaugural Meeting we propose that PIs only attend, due to limitations of space - the room at the Wellcome Trust can only accommodate 80 persons. In the longer term the Forum will be open to all members of the community.
  • The objective is to get good representatiion of the community in terms of both subject area and geographical location.
  • If more than 80 people register to attend, places will need to be allocated selectively based on these criteria, and it may be necessary to restrict attendance to 1-2 PIs per Institute. A small panel independent of Instruct management will be set up to do this.


Please help widen the representation

It is important that we have proper representation of all sections of the UK SB community at this meeting, so please broadcast our message, inviting colleagues to register. It is important that the Forum should be a democratic organisation under the full control of its membership.


Morning Session Chair: Keith Wilson
11.00  Status of Instruct. Dave Stuart (Oxford/DLS)
11.15  Structural Biology in the UK. Tom Blundell (Cambridge)
11.40  UK XFEL consortium. Jim Naismith (St. Andrews)
11.55  Diamond status and vision. Martin Walsh (DLS)
12.10  UK SB needs for large-scale facilities. Jane Endicott (Newcastle)
12.25  UK SB Forum. Background, survey and proposals. Keith Wilson (York)
12.30  Buffet lunch - chance to discuss Forum plans
Afternoon Session Chair: Paul Freemont
13.30  CCP4: a paradigm for the UK SB collaboration. Martin Noble (Newcastle)
13.45  EM Centre at DLS - a National Facility for biological Electron Microscopy. Helen Saibil (Birkbeck)
14.00  Establishment of CCPEM. Martyn Winn (STFC)
14.15  A plan for National and Regional NMR resources. Ernest Laue (Cambridge) and Jen Potts (York)
14.40  Biophysical Methods. Justin Benesch (Oxford)
14.55  Tea/Coffee
15.10  Open structured discussion: aims, statutes, role(s) and election process. Paul Freemont (Imperial)
16.30  Meeting Ends


The UK User Group arose from a meeting of representatives of the UK Structural Biology community held in London in 2011. At that meeting, Keith Wilson and Paul Freemont were tasked with taking this forward to establish the demand for a nationally organised group that could have meaningful input into strategic decisions impacting on the field. In late 2012, a vote was organised through Instruct regarding the establishment of a UK Structural Biology Forum. The resulting votes included good representation from several SB disciplines and a reasonable balance between senior and junior group leaders with 69 PIs registering their vote. The outcome was 1.5% for Status Quo (i.e. no Forum); 75.3% for the UK community to unite behind the UK Instruct user group; and 23.2% for a UK SB Forum independent of Instruct. Given the not insignificant number of votes for an independent Forum, it is essential to develop an inclusive remit such that the whole community can be represented with a valid mandate.

Although the Forum will be independent, it will benefit from the contacts and activities that Instruct has already established both UK-wide and at the EU and use of the Instruct digital interface via to administer some of the activities. A major benefit of having a strong relationship between the Forum and Instruct will be to strengthen links with the European community, major strategic and funding bodies in the UK, and the EU initiatives that are being undertaken as part of Horizon2020. It will also be well placed to help ensure that UK infrastructure is properly aligned with the requirements of the user community.

Sponsored by Diamond Light Source 

Below is a current list of those who have registered an interest in attending the meeting          

  (* denotes Speaker).

Participant Name
Participant Name
Prof. Dave Stuart*
University of Oxford; Diamond Light Source
Professor Christina Redfield
University of Oxford, Department of Biochemistry
Prof. Sir Tom Blundell*
University of Cambridge; Astex Pharmaceuticals
Dr Saskia Bakker
University of Glasgow/Centre for Virology Research
Prof. Jim Naismith*
University of St. Andrews
Paul Driscoll
Prof. Martin Noble*
Newcastle University
Dr Simon Kolstoe
University of Portsmouth
Prof. Keith Wilson*
University of York
Dr Andy Pickford
University of Portsmouth
Prof. Helen Saibil*
Birkbeck College
Dr Morgam Beeby
Imperial College London
Dr. Martyn Winn*
Dr Paula Salgado
Institute for Cell and Molecular Biosciences, Newcastle University
Dr. Martin Walsh*
Diamond Light Source
David Barford
Institute of Cancer Research
Prof. Jane Endicott*
Newcastle University
Dr Alessandro Costa
CRUK London Research Institute
Prof. Ernest Laue*
University of Cambridge
Dr Dima Chirgadze
Department of Biochemistry, University of Cambridge
Prof. Jen Potts*
University of York
Prof. Dame Carol Robinson*
University of Oxford
Dr Mark Odell
University of Westminster
Prof. Paul Freemont*
Imperial College, London
Professor Mark Sansom
Department of Biochemistry, University of Oxford
Dr. Susan Daenke
University of Oxford; Instruct
Dr Alan Roseman
University of Manchester
Dr. Claudia Alen Amaro
University of Oxford; Instruct
Professor Leo Brady
University of Bristol
Prof Gerard Kleywegt
Professor Peter Moody
University of Leicester
Dr Ardan Patwardhan
Dr Mark Pfuhl
King’s College London
Dr Aleksandras Gutmanas
John Christodoulou
UCL and Birkbeck College
Dr Andrew Atkinson
King’s College London
Prof Simon Phillips
Research Complex at Harwell
Dr Mike Hough
University of Essex
Prof Jon Waltho
University of Manchester
Dr Ray Owens
University of Oxford & Research Complex at Harwell
Professor Mire Zloh
University of Hertfordshire
Prof Samar HASNAIN
Faculty of Health & Life Sciences, University of Liverpool, UK
Dr Robert van Montfort
The Institute of Cancer Research
Dr Brian Smith
University of Glasgow
Dr Chris Phillips
Prof Michael Overduin
University of Birmingham
Dr David Lawson
John Innes Centre
Professor Yvonne Jones
University of Oxford
Dr Alex Breeze
Prof Jenny Littlechild
University of Exeter
Dr Stephen Graham
University of Cambridge
Dr Mark Banfield
John Innes Centre
Prof. Geerten W. Vuister
Department of Biochemistry, University of Leicester
Dr Anastasia Callaghan
Institute of Biomedical and Biomolecular Sciences, University of Portsmouth
Dr Svend Kjaer
Cancer Research UK
Prof. Mark Carr
Department of Biochemistry, University of Leicester
Dr Paul Driscoll
Dr. David Neuhaus
MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology
Dr Helen Mott
University of Cambridge
Dr Kimberly Watson
University of Reading
Prof. Dave Brown
University of Kent / Argenta
Dr. Stephen M. Prince
University of Manchester
Dr Ben Bax
Prof Nicholas Keep
Birkbeck, University of London
Dr. David Scott
University of Nottingham/Research Complex at Harwell/ISIS neutron source
Prof. Xiaodong Zhang
Imperial College London
Professor Roslyn Bill
Aston University
Dr. Stefan Freund
MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology
Dr. Ehmke Pohl
Durham University
Dr Roberto Steiner
King’s College London
Prof. Laurence H. Pearl
University of Sussex
Dr Jeremy Lea
Bruker UK Ltd
K. Ravi Acharya
University of Bath
Dr Pierre J Rizkallah
Institute of Infection & Immunology, School of Medicine, Cardiff University
Dr Chun-wa Chung
Dr Eva Hyde
University of Birmingham
Dr Jonathan Grimes
University of Oxford and Diamond Light Source
Professor Naomi Chayen
Imperial College London
Dr Raffaella Carzaniga
Cancer Research UK-  London Research Institute
Dr. Neil Q. McDonald
Cancer Research UK
Dr John McGeehan
University of Portsmouth
Dr. Edward Taylor
The University of Lincoln
Frank von Delft
University of Oxford
Dr Bernadette Byrne
Imperial College
Marko Hyvonen
University of Cambridge, Department of Biochemistry
Dr Justin Benesch
University of Oxford
Dr Julia Richardson
School of Biological Sciences, University of Edinburgh
Professor Mark Leake
University of York
Dr Tom Collins
Wellcome Trust
Dr Svetlana Antonyuk
University of Liverpool
Dr. Barran
The University of Edinburgh
Prof Richard Pickersgill
Queen Mary University of London
Dr Ivo Tews
University of Southampton
Dr. Karen McLuskey
University of Glasgow
Prof Bonnie Wallace
Dr Liz Duke
Diamond Light Source
Dr Clair Baldock
University of Manchester
Prof. David Leys
University of Manchester
Dr Matthew Philip Crump
School of Chemistry, University of Bristol
Dr Katherine BrownUniversity of Cambridge  Prof Anthony WattsUniversity of Oxford
Prof Ulrich Guenther
University of Birmingham
Dr. Katrin Rittinger
Prof. Kay Gruenewald
University of Oxford
Dr. Mark R. Sanderson
Randall Division of Cell and Molecular Biophysics, King’s College London
Prof Ulrich Guenther
University of Birmingham
Dr Robert van Montfort
The Institute of Cancer Research
Dr. Roger Williams
MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology
Prof Stephen Matthews
Imperial College London
Dr Andres Ramos
MRC National Institute for Medical Research
Dr Józef Lewandowski
University of Warwick
Dr Tom Frenkiel
MRC Biomedical NMR Centre, NIMR
Prof Jeremy Derrick
University of Manchester
Professor Laurence Barron
University of Glasgow
Dr Andrew GW Leslie
MRC LMB, Cambridge
Dr Philip T.F. Williamson
University of Southampton
Dr. Nicholas Harmer
University of Exeter
Dr Charlotte Cureton
Professor Lu-Yun Lian
University of Liverpool
Dr Alf Game
Professor Vilmos Fulop 
University of Warwick

Dr Chris Morris                STFC

Dr Michael Plevin              University of York