Instruct-ERIC Events

Gordon Research - Three Dimensional Electron Microscopy Conference.

Date: 26-Jun-2011


This 2011 Gordon conference will provide a forum for discussion of the latest progress in three-dimensional electron microscopy of macromolecular assemblies and sub-cellular components. Progress has been made in three major areas:

  • Towards atomic resolution for 3D structures of periodic, symmetrical and asymmetrical particles by a combination of 3D electron microscopy, X-ray structure fitting and structure prediction using EM density maps as constraints.
  • Towards understanding the dynamics of biological function by combining the structures of conformations of macromolecules in different functional states.
  • Towards the understanding of cell architecture and the structure of sub-cellular components by improving techniques for electron tomography and 3D averaging.

Progress in all three areas was facilitated by new developments for specimen preparation and labeling, by improved microscope technology and imaging techniques and by the creation of new the image processing algorithms. This conference will offer ample opportunity to discuss all aspects of the latest developments in these areas and to discover the challenges that lie ahead.