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Links between Instruct and EuroBioImaging
Euro-BioImaging - INSTRUCT EM Collaboration final.pdf
16th Jul 2014
Sinapse Summary of Meeting Agendas to Sept 2011
sinapse_summary of meeting agendas to Sept 2011.pdf
16th Jul 2014
ESFRI Roadmap 2006
16th Jul 2014
BMS Workshop Report June 2011
BMS workshop_report_june_2011.pdf
16th Jul 2014
Summary MEP Meetings BMS RIs
Summary MEP meetings BMS RIs 300311.pdf
16th Jul 2014
ESFRI Presentation 2010
Pero ESFRI presentation 2010.pdf
16th Jul 2014
Horizon 2020 Summary Report Workshop
Horizon 2020 summary_report_workshop 04072011.pdf
16th Jul 2014
ERIC Guidelines
16th Jul 2014
ERIC Council Regulation
16th Jul 2014
BMS WG Report 2008
BMS wg_report_2008.pdf
16th Jul 2014
BMS Green Paper CSF May 2011
BMS Green Paper CSF May 2011.pdf
16th Jul 2014
Infrastructure WP2016-2017 draft
23rd Mar 2015
Horizon 2020 complete anotated model grant agreement
23rd Jun 2016
Unit Cost EC guidelines
23rd Jun 2016