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The Leibniz Institüt für Molekulare Pharmakologie (FMP) performs foundational research to further a structural understanding of pharmacology.

Centre for Solid State NMR

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400 MHz Solid-state DNP NMR spectrometer in Berlin, Germany

This state of the art Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (DNP) spectrometer is one of the first of its kind.  DNP is used to enhance NMR signals by orders of magnitude, making experiments possible that would otherwise take too much time.    DNP utilizes the high polarization of unpaired electrons from a stable radical added to the sample.  The electron polarization is transferred via the hyper-fine coupling to nearby nuclei. High power microwaves from a field matched gyrotron irradiate the sample to activate the hyper-fine coupling.  Samples are maintained at ~100K to take advantage of both the higher Boltzmann population and favorable electronic and nuclear relaxation at cryogenic temperatures.

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Centre for Solid State NMR

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