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Stable CHO cell line development by RMCE in Braunschweig, Germany

The Helmholtz Protein Sample Production Facility (PSPF) in Braunschweig is supporting structural biologist to express mammalian protein in stable CHO cell lines. The stable cell lines are especially suitable for the expression of secreted protein like soluble extracellular domains of many mammalian receptor proteins. Proteins produced in these cell lines allow proper deglycosylation of the protein to create homogeneous samples to improve crystallisation experiments.

The generation and selection of the stable expression cell line is fast because of the recombinase mediated cassette exchange of the gene of interest into a predefined and selected optimal expression locus. Upon selection and isolation of the expression cell line a large scale production can be performed in the mammalian expression facility of the Helmholtz PSPF in Braunschweig Germany

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Centre for Protein Production

The services of the Instruct centre specialized on mammalian protein production have been offered to many collaboration partners and customers in the past. Procedures for producing proteins for partners and for training of guest scientists are well established. Courses and individual training will be offered for European researchers using the facility’s infrastructure and know-how in animal cell culture. Additionally, the facility allows external researchers hands-on participation during the upstream and downstream phases of protein production and isolation.

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